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Pacakging Design is our passion, and thanks to the talented artists and designers at Signature Packaging Group, USA, we can create electronic artwork to suit your packaging design needs. However, if it is a more custom design you are looking for, you can send us your pre-made art to expedite the process.

Over the years, we have moved from using Macintosh based computers for our art, to a more widely used Windows based computer platform. Art is stored by customer name or job name on our secured servers, allowing for modifications to the artwork if changes occur within 24 months of a custom run. This includes custom bags, pouches, boxes, labels, booklet cards and travel tumblers. Art services are charged at an hourly rate with a 10 minute minimum.


If art services are requested, we highly prefer the use of Adobe Illustrator files Saved As .ai with any and all photos or images attached and in .eps or .tif format typically created or edited in Adobe Photoshop. Images for our Press Print are required to be 300 DPI or higher, and .gif or low resolution .jpg files are not allowed. Further, we do prefer you convert fonts to Outlines requiring no fonts with the artwork you send. Customers may still send rough concept art or art in black and white laser print. However, please note there will be time added for artwork recreation. (With a 10 minute minimum.).

For use in our products, we have a selection of stock ink colors availible to use. However, if you need a custom color for your design, we strongly suggest and refer to the Pantone Matching System (PMS) color number or a sample of the color you require.


Templates for custom bags, custom zipper pouches, custom labels, custom booklet cards and custom travel tumblers are available by request with pending order or strong intent of ordering and can be sent you or your artist via e-mail.


Proofs for Packaging Design will not be generated until all order processes are complete. This includes receipt of security deposits for the custom prints requested. After faxing, or emailing your signed Order Confirmation, we do not proceed with the print until the art proofs are signed off on. Proofing is often sent via FedEx for review, and a release signature is needed within 10 business days. Once it is approved, we will proceed with the art proofs that are signed off on. We assume no responsibility typing errors, incorrect information, or any other errors found.


  1. FTP upload. Call (888) 901-BAGS (2247) to request a link to upload your files. (5MB max files size)
  2. Use our FAST File Uploader on files under 2MB, over 2MB will fail.
  3. You may also send an email to Our secure email server.
  4. Burn and send a physical CD or DVD. Send by mail courier. (Please include a name on the physical media)


We can help create custom barcodes for your product. However, you must forward the assigned digits to us to apply to the product.


Our software is updated annually to better serve our customers with the best features and cutting edge technology.


Adobe Illustrator v10 through v12 up to CS15 – the Packaging Design software we prefer. This software meets all of our industry requirements for drawing, type setting, and design. Please send Adobe Illustrator(.ai) files instead of scans. Adobe Photoshop v14.0 through v11 up to CS15 – The cutting edge and best software for editing art and photos. We use Photoshop to best serve our customers in the best ways possible. Please send use Photoshop(.psd) files for editing instead of scans. WinZip – the preferred method of compressing large art files to transfer via e-mail. Any compression software capable of making .zip files will work! Adobe Acrobat v6.0 – is often used for viewing and sending supplied print/art files. This is not the perferred method, however. *Cannot always be accepted as supplied art.


For artwork to be considered supplied, it must be supplied through a compatible electronic file. (100% – 1:1 size as quoted.) Artwork should appear ready to print. Any last minute copy changes, size changes, corrections, etc. will be charged as an hourly art charge. (Minimum 10 minutes) Also, make sure to retain a copy of your original artwork. We cannot provide backup files.

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